NEWS: Shebeshxt threatens to kill Richy B days after attacking Skhothane Sa Pitori.


Shebeshxt threatens to kill Richy B days after attacking Skhothane Sa Pitori

If there is one thing many people dislike about Shebeshxt, it is his gangster attitude and lack of anger management. Since breaking into the South African music mainstream, the performer has been in a series of problems, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

Over the weekend, Shebeshxt was claimed to have smacked Skomota’s road manager, Skhothane Sa Pitori, during a performance at Propaganda in Pretoria, and he has now vowed to kill Richy B, the proprietor of B-Hive Podcast. Shebeshxt stated that if Richy B does not stop talking about him on his podcast, his children will grow up without a father.

Threatening someone’s life is a crime in South Africa, and if Richy B pursues charges, Shebeshxt may be sent back to prison. Meanwhile, Skhothane Sa Pitori, the person who was previously slapped in Pretoria, has filed an assault charge against Shebeshxt.

Shebeshxt is anticipated to react to certain police inquiries in the coming days, and if Richy B files his own legal case against the musicians, he will face double difficulties. Troubles are what fuels Shebeshxt.

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