NEWS: Nasty C Beats Up A Fan While On Stage In Zambia


Nasty C Beats Up A Fan While On Stage In Zambia

Fans tend to get too excited when they see their faves performing live and so they behave irrationally. Last weekend, Nasty C beat up an excited fan who rushed to meet him while he was performing on stage in Zambia.

Nasty C who is Infamous for his no-nonsense attitude gave the fan an unpleasant beating for daring to interrupt his live performance. Although the fan was taken off stage, fans of Nasty C are disgusted by this act.

See reactions below:

“This is wrong on so many levels. Nasty C shouldn’t have done that💔😭” – enny

“Eish mixed emotions, after what happened to AKA you can never trust anyone but that last kick was unnecessary shame poor boy” – Thato

“This is very disappointing, he should’ve punched his security not the fan especially because there was no bad intention. The only way to protect his reputation is to invite the fan to one of his performances ( after apologizing to him) and make his day worthwhile 🤷🏿‍♂️” – P.O.K.E.

See video below.

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