Maglera Doe Boy says he doesn’t listen to SA Hip Hop


The rapper who is featured on Nasty C’s “I Love It Here” album claims in an interview with Turbang Studios TV that he doesn’t listen to South African hip hop in order to avoid sounding like another artist from that country.

he said, “I have love for SA Hip-hop, I don’t listen to it much in terms of like I’m really diving into everyone’s project because sometimes I want to stay away from sounding like the boys. But I do acknowledge them, I do have a thorough understanding of everyone who is in the game and what they do,”.

Maglera has worked extensively with other rappers in the industry, and he recently gave TshishaLIVE an explanation of why he has been appearing on other tracks.

“All of this has been planned. I did features for four years, positioning myself because a lot of people were questioning what I was saying because my slang was so different. So I felt the best way to teach South Africans was on other people’s songs.”

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