Exte C – Blvck


Exte C’s “Blvck” is a fascinating Afro-house music that hypnotically transports listeners through throbbing beats and seductive melodies.

Exte C demonstrates his production prowess as he creates a complex and engrossing acoustic environment. The song invites listeners to become lost in its rhythmic embrace and generates an atmosphere of reflection and groove. After releasing Boogie With Ex, Exte C also shared this new song.

The production is characterized by hypnotic rhythms, rapid beats, and a nightlife- and urban-mystique-invoking feel.

“Blvck” is a testament to the ability of Afro-house to evoke a feeling of atmosphere and mood, enabling listeners to lose themselves in the mysteries of the night, with its seductive melodies and resonant rhythms.

Exte C – Blvckhttps://pixeldrain.com/u/tiuhPa4N

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