ALBUM: uMkhulekelwa – Baxov’umndeni


uMkhulekelwa’s album “Baxov’umndeni” delves into the intricate dynamics and stories that exist inside a family unit.

Each track on the album provides a unique insight into the world of uMkhulekelwa, with storytelling at its foundation. The album explores the themes of love, togetherness, conflict, and resilience that frequently define familial relationships.

When he released Ngizobuya emfuleni, the South African artist also announced the project.

“Baxov’umndeni” is more than just an album, with its combination of poignant narratives and lovely songs; it’s a musical trip through the complexity of family life and the common feelings that unite us all.

This album is a testament to uMkhulekelwa’s narrative prowess, providing listeners with a sound experience that allows them to connect with the rich tapestry of family experiences and the enduring relationships that bind us together.

ALBUM: uMkhulekelwa – Baxov’umndeni

  • uMkhulekelwa – Ubaba Wengan’Endala ft. Sne Ntuli
  • uMkhulekelwa – Ifa Lezinja
  • uMkhulekelwa – Umthandazo kaMama ft. Jumbo
  • uMkhulekelwa – Baxova Umndeni
  • uMkhulekelwa – Izinkinga Zomjolo ft. Luve Dubazane
  • uMkhulekelwa – Ngizobuya emfuleni
  • uMkhulekelwa – Konakele
  • uMkhulekelwa – Imfihlo Yami
  • uMkhulekelwa – Bizani Amaphoyisa
  • uMkhulekelwa – Naka Ezakho
  • uMkhulekelwa – Wahleka isidalwa
  • uMkhulekelwa – Nginike uthando
  • uMkhulekelwa – Une ngxaki
  • uMkhulekelwa – Bamyekeleni

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