ALBUM: Soul Candi Select, Vol. 1


Soul Candi Select, Vol. 1 Zip Download

VA has released this new hot album which is billed to catapult to the top of the charts with lots of streams. this album is also becoming a talk of the town in SA. its titled Soul Candi Select, Vol. 1

Stream and download the track below.

SONG TITLE: Soul Candi Select, Vol. 1



YEAR: 2023


  1. Shi Kargo – I Love Music (Mixed) (feat. Teonykkia Starr)
  2. Stereotype Essentials – Sky (Mixed) (feat. Mnel Music)
  3. Measuretutti – Semi Love (Mixed)
  4. Sir Mos & Blizzard Beats – My Obsession (Mixed) (feat. Jus Garden)
  5. Lamor – City of Dreams (Mixed)
  6. DJ Hloni – Ntwana Yam (Funky Mix [Mixed]) (feat. Bangaa)
  7. Jay Em – Know You (Atjazz Remix [Mixed]) (feat. Tiffany Sharee)
  8. Bazy B – Muse (Mixed)
  9. Naidu (SA) – Stay the Night (Mixed) (feat. Judah)
  10. Pando G & Jean-Luc – Haunted by You (Mixed)
  11. De Addict – Time Traveller (Mixed)
  12. Luigy – Infinity (Mixed)
  13. TD Soul – Themba Lam (Mixed) (feat. Bukeka)
  14. Supreme Rhythm – Rise Up (Mixed) (feat. Nalize)

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