ALBUM: InQfive – Classic Room, Vol. 4


InQfive – Classic Room, Vol. 4 Zip Download

Prepare to be enthralled as the musical maestro InQfive unveils his magnum opus, “Classic Room, Vol. 4” – an opulent sonic tapestry that sweeps you away on a transcendent journey. With unwavering commitment and tireless dedication, InQfive has sculpted a musical masterpiece that sends ripples of euphoria throughout the industry. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating melodies and mesmerizing rhythms as “Classic Room, Vol. 4” cascades like a symphony of enchantment, seducing hearts and captivating minds. Witness the emergence of a modern-day legend as InQfive redefines the boundaries of musical brilliance. Brace yourself for a harmonious exploration of soul-stirring sounds and prepare to indulge in the timeless allure of “Classic Room, Vol. 4” – a celestial marvel that reigns supreme in the realm of musical wonders.

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SONG TITLE : InQfive – Classic Room, Vol. 4



YEAR : 2023


  1. InQfive – Forgiveness
  2. InQfive – Too Deep To Be True
  3. InQfive & E Solo Dio – Broken Heart (feat. Cresta X)
  4. InQfive & Clavi Binos – Sise Bancane (feat. L8Blumer)
  5. InQfive – Through The Dark
  6. InQfive – Landscape
  7. InQfive – Sad Swing
  8. InQfive & Academic Deep – Just Another Day
  9. InQfive – Sabela (feat. K Motion)
  10. InQfive – Paranoid Keys (Galaxy Mix)
  11. InQfive – What You Want (Tech Mix)
  12. InQfive – Needed You
  13. InQfive & Phoenix Sounds – Deep Paradise (Tech Mix)
  14. InQfive – Khethiwe (feat. Frank Ru, Philasande & Lezza)

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