ALBUM: Blaq Huf – King Djongo


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Blaq Huf means business when it comes to music and he has released yet another hit album which has gone viral with lots of streams. It’s titled King Djongo.

Stream and download the track below.

SONG TITLE: Blaq Huf – King Djongo



YEAR: 2023


  1. Blaq Huf & King Djongo – Birth Of A King (The Opening Ritual)
  2. Blaq Huf & King Djongo – Sun People
  3. Blaq Huf – Balele (feat. Futhi Mahlasela)
  4. Blaq Huf – Thando (feat. Phushy-Luu)
  5. Blaq Huf – Udad’wethu (feat. Soultella)
  6. Blaq Huf Mandinawe (feat. Kitta)
  7. Blaq Huf – Xola (feat. Cyve)
  8. Blaq Huf – Sacred Tongues
  9. Blaq Huf – Aeons Ahead
  10. Blaq Huf – Isambulo
  11. Blaq Huf – Inkondlo Yokhokho (feat. Priviledge)
  12. Blaq Huf – Balele (Instrumental Mix)
  13. Blaq Huf – Udad’wethu (Instrumental Mix)
  14. Blaq Huf – Mandinawe (Instrumental Mix)
  15. Blaq Huf – Xola (Instrumental Mix)

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